Friday, 13 September 2013

Friday Thing: The Jetbirds - Evolved Animal

I'm glad it's finally Friday. Not sharing this all week has been hard.

I like to check out new releases on Bandcamp from time to time in the hope of finding something great. A lot of quite average music has to be sifted through, but finding a record like Evolved Animal makes it all worthwhile. 

The Jetbirds hail from Chicago, and play a raucous brand of punk 'n' roll reminiscent of the Yo-Yo's. Evolved Animal is their first full-length release. The lyrics never get particularly deep, but combined with big choruses, shouty harmonies (the best kind), and a tried and tested guitar style the noise is a satisfying one. I wouldn't skip over any song on Evolved Animal, but highlights include Without You and No Halo, both of which have choruses that immediately hit me right in the frisson.

I like this. 

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