Friday, 27 September 2013

Friday Thing: Secret Powers - More Songs About Her

In doing my semi-regular scouring of new Bandcamp releases tagged 'power pop', I stumbled across this delicious little morsel.

Pretty. Turns out this is a teaser from an upcoming album by the Montana-based Secret Powers.

Curious, I delved into the full album they have on their Bandcamp page, More Songs About Her (2012), and found it to be really very good.

The band's craft is well honed, this being their fifth album since 2008. The songs cover a lot of bases, with shades of the Beach Boys and the Beatles lying comfortably alongside shades of Jellyfish and Weezer. The arrangements are sturdy, embellished with lovely harmonies throughout, and the writing really gets under the skin, Dragon Slide and Running At This Pace being particularly well endowed with proper earworm choruses. Drip Drop Drip gets my vote for best song on the album (because I'm all about the catchy franticness).

I'm pretty excited that there are four other Secret Powers albums to check out...

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