Friday, 6 September 2013

Making It A Thing

I've wanted to do the blogging thing for ages now. Despite not stopping a lot of people, having nothing interesting to blog about usually halted that idea in its tracks, until the other day when I realised I've already been doing it. Kinda.

Every Friday I post a link on my Twitter (@stu_hig) to a song or album by a (usually) relatively unknown band or musician. The only stipulation is I have to like it a lot. This began after I posted a song, can't recall which, that my friend LJ seemed to like a lot too. She suggested I make this posting of music a weekly Thing, and I've kept it up ever since. It is to her I credit the name of this blog. Thanks LJ!

I find starting a blog warranted because at least two people (!) keep an eye on the music I post every Friday. I figure there must be a little interest. Also, Twitter's great 'n' all, but after links and introductions the 140 character limit doesn't leave much breathing room for gushing. A blog seemed like the perfect alternative.

I guess I'll sustain the now tradition of posting new and under-appreciated artists every Friday, but I don't want to be tied down. I've subtitled the page simply 'A Music Blog' so anything goes. Musically speaking. I'm thinking gig reviews, techie stuff etc. Feel free to contribute if you'd like to.

See you around.


  1. The first song was Starjets' One More Word. Ironically, it became A Thing, this Friday Thing, with Role Models' This Eventually Leads Nowhere.
    I love music. I adore guitars, melodies, lyrical angst, love, hand claps, harmonies and a few na na nas. I'll be here every Friday. LJ.