Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Repeat the hook line over and over...

Nowadays it's sort of silly how easy and cheap it is to record relatively professional sounding music on any modern laptop or desktop computer from the comfort of one's own squalor. And compared to, say, 1979 a lot more people are doing it. Seems Tom Marolda was one of the guys who was a little ahead of the curve 34 years ago when he recorded a completely DIY album at his home in New Jersey under the moniker of The Toms. It still stands up today as one of the best power pop albums from that era, or any. 

When you imagine one man struggling with now primitive reel-to-reel equipment, it makes you appreciate how easy DIY musicians have got it these days. Though maybe it's a bit too easy to fire up Pro Tools or Ableton and lay down some mediocre music without thinking about it too much. Perhaps if we still had to spend time taking track limitations and cutting tape into consideration, we'd also spend more time taking the songs into consideration.

You ain't getting my EZDrummer though...

Here's Tom on how to write a pop song.

Got it memorised? 

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