Friday, 18 October 2013

Friday Thing: Mixtapes - Ordinary Silence

I've really liked Mixtapes for forever. Dispite this, the following album released about four months ago seemed to completely pass me by.

Now here's the Thing, a Thing that's hard to ignore if you've studied Mixtapes back catalogue. Their style hasn't changed much at all. The production is slicker, and I'm sure they've become better musicians, but they still sound like Mixtapes. Is this a nice way of saying all their stuff sounds the same? Maybe.

I've got their album-before-this, Even On The Worst Nights, on my iPod and I know every song like a brother, but I couldn't tell you the names of any of them. I listen to them all at once in a kind of pop punk symphony. It's great, it's just the songs don't have much individual personality and the themes run into each other. I imagine I'll be approaching Ordinary Silence in a similar way because, in all honesty, not much has changed.

Why is this sounding so negative? I love these guys. This record is fucking brilliant. 

Like Glass and A List Of Things I Can't Handle are probably my favourite songs here, and I'll totally try to learn their names.

Don't go changin', Mixtapes.

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