Friday, 25 October 2013

Friday Thing: The OffRamps - Split the Difference

I discovered Detroit-based veteran songwriter Jeremy Porter a while back and fell slightly obsessed with his latest album Partner In Crime, recorded with his band the Tucos, with its satisfying Replacements meet Tom Petty vibe. Upon digging through his back catalogue with several other bands, it's clear he's a really consistent songwriter. 

Formed in 2002, the Porter-fronted OffRamps showcase this consistency in 2008's Split the Difference album, which falls much closer to the 'Mats end of the spectrum than Partner In Crime. Describing their music as "honest, real, and heart-felt mid-western rock", the trio deliver a set of strong tunes with a hard working authenticity. Being a fan of Jeremy Porter's songwriting, it's too hard to dislike anything here. 

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