Friday, 11 October 2013

Friday Thing: Second Saturday - Greetings From Mount Rockmore

A while back I featured an excellent Thing by Wyatt Funderburk called Novel and Profane, his latest album. Under mounting poking from his fans, he has recently released two up-'til-now-hard-to-find records from his old band Second Saturday, remastered and packaged with a bunch of demos, live tracks, and promo snippets.

While the full length album Here's The Deal is really worth checking out, it was the 6-track EP Greetings From Mount Rockmore (first released 2004) that really caught my attention. I'm an absolute sucker for ultrashiny pop tunes with guitars, and if you share this sentiment you're bound to love these songs. As a bonus you get some wonderfully played, perfectly fitting guitar solos and typically gorgeous harmonies throughout. 

Upon being on constant rotation in my headphones all week I can conclude that The Fox is my favourite track on the EP and one of the best songs I've heard all year.

A worthwhile use of £3-something ($5). 

Buy it!

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