Friday, 10 January 2014

Friday Thing: Tony Sly - Sad Bear

While I normally like to scope out new or little known bands for these weekly Things, I recently reinstalled Spotify and found all my old playlists. Thus, for the past week I've been nostalgia'ing hard on a bunch of stuff rather than scouring Bandcamp for new music. This also had the agreeable side effect of Spotify's discover service enthusiastically recommending I listen to Tony Sly's solo albums. 

The late Tony Sly was frontman for California punks No Use For A Name. He released two solo albums in the years leading up to his untimely death in 2012, 12 Song Program (2010) and Sad Bear (2011). They're both great, but I chose to feature the latter because it happened to be the one I'm listening to right now. 

The more instrumentally diverse of the two largely acoustic based albums, Sad Bear has a wonderful bittersweet quality. It fuses a lot of really quite tragic lyrics with brilliantly crafted hooky melodies. Devonshire and Crown is probably my favourite example of this.

If you're into it, be sure to check out 12 Song Program too.

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