Thursday, 27 March 2014

Review: The Last Survivors - Second Summer EP

In an effort to give a little exposure to the stupidly talented musicians that populate the internet, and branch out the content of Make It A Thing, I'm happy to give you the first in my new series of reviews.

The Last Survivors are a synth pop band hailing from Kansas City, Missouri. Taylor and Garrett write and self-produce the music and some vocal duties are filled by their friend Susanna. Released January 2014, Second Summer is their debut EP.
Star To Star sets an ethereal tone for the EP, it's gorgeous melodies lulling me into a false sense of pop bliss before the aptly named Transition Song gets dirty with the synths. There's an obvious 80s influence, but the song tastefully manages to completely avoid being cheesy. Infinite Spaces features some effective effects-laden guitar playing, further spicing up a captivating pop song, while Dirt furnishes the EP with its heaviest track and an enjoyable, unpredictable instrumental section (wub wub). These Sounds closes Second Summer in a deliciously infectious fashion and it quickly became my favourite track on the EP. Top pop.

While the songs are lyrically simple, nothing ever feels particularly out of place. The arrangements are clever, though I would have liked a couple of the tracks to be a little shorter and more concise, especially Star To Star. Though perhaps mastered a little quietly, the standard of production is great and the synth tones are rarely not lovely.

I'm a fan.

The Second Summer EP can be downloaded on a pay-what-you-like basis on bandcamp.

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