Friday, 16 May 2014

Friday Thing: CJ Wildheart - Mable

This week's Thing comes from veteran Wildheart CJ and his new album Mable (named after his favourite chicken). His second solo album, and first release since 2007's Thirteen, the production of Mable was funded through the now popular PledgeMusic platform.

While retaining the pop sensibilities that made Thirteen so listenable, Mable feels like a much more fleshed out bunch of tunes, meatier for its heavier riffs and fat synth lines throughout. Highlights include Always Believe Her, an electronic-tinged pop rock tune that's dripping with melody, and D.C., which features the album's most massive chorus.

If you didn't know it, it would be hard to tell that the drums on the album were produced using Toontrack's EZdrummer, a wonderful piece of software that renders human drummers obsolete. Okay, maybe not quite, but the quality of recordings that can be produced by talented people in their own homes is getting more staggering all the time.

Mable, as well as CJ's own hot sauce Devilspit (which is very good, by the way) can still be ordered on Pledge. Pledgers can also download the album right away. 


Pledge for Mable! (And Devilspit)

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