Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Review: Bend Over - Danger Ahead

Both my readers will be aware that I'm a big proponent of DIY music and like to feature it when I can. I'm real pleased then to give you Bend Over, alias of Rod Pliego, a punk musician from Mexico City who produced the following album entirely in his bedroom.

Bend Over's first release, Danger Ahead is a no-nonsense punk rock album from top to bottom. I almost feel I'm being biased in reviewing it because it reminds me of so much of my favourite music.

Rod's voice is perfectly suited to the genre and he's no slouch on guitar, an element which he's teased some beautifully dirty tones out of throughout the album. The songs are well written (I mean, who couldn't love a song called Desert Eagle Riddles Obscene Bastard?) and while most of them are arranged pretty similarly and gravitate around one dimension, I almost don't care; the record flows so naturally together that it's best consumed in one chunk anyway. Highlights for me include the angsty Eighteen But Not On Purpose, and hugely dynamic closing song The Final Boss And You Can Only Use The Slingshot, Good Luck With That. 

A solid punk album by one (just one) talented dude. Get it for free-or-however-much-you-want-to-pay on bandcamp.

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