Thursday, 8 May 2014

Review: Governor's Club - Sorry, Pat

Here's Governor's Club from Jacksonville, FL and their LP Sorry, Pat.

From the first falsetto strains of Ohio you know you're in for a good time, and a shiny, high-quality one at that. Everything is super tight in terms of production, and even more so in terms of musicianship. The vocals in particular struck me as being consistently great, with tastefully placed harmonies accompanying the always stellar proper lead singer.

The word that kept springing to mind throughout my repeat listens of this record was funky and it's hard to find a better adjective. Sorry, Pat isn't a record to keep still to. The solidly written rock songs seated on top of the funk make for a winning combination, though some of the arrangements might be a little too similar to each other, leading to many of the tunes not being as insta-catchy as others. Repeat listens are rewarding.

While there's a lot of great stuff to choose from here, Yahni K.O. is probably my favourite tune on the record. It best demonstrates the great contrast between hooky, melodic rock and infectious funk grooves that these guys do so well.

I can categorically say Governor's Club are my favourite Interstellar Alternative band. Buy their record on bandcamp.

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