Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Review: R51 - Slowhound (Single)

Due to be officially released in a couple of weeks, Slowhound is the latest single from Belfast, Northern Ireland-based alternative band R51.

Because all the music I feature on MIAT is sourced from the global village of the internet, a band's real life location is usually pretty irrelevant to me. This time though, as I'm also from Belfast, I must admit to feeling a little extra happy to be featuring R51. Not to be accused of bias, I'm even more happy to be featuring them because they're really good.

And really good looking.

From the first bar, Slowhound's cleverly syncopated arrangement grabs me, and the simple, hooky melodies seal the deal. The chorus is especially to-die-for and Melyssa's voice is refreshingly sweet on top of the relatively dark undercurrent. The band's performance is just the right amount of tight to still sound suitably relaxed and, along with the luscious production, lends the single an intoxicatingly dreamy quality.

Not to be missed is the B-side, amazingly-titled Skelf, a beautifully written bit of shoegazy pop that I fell in love with on first listen. I only wish it was longer than 02:26.

The launch party for the single is on Friday 30th May, 10pm in Aether & Echo, Belfast. I'm going to try my damnedest to be there, and so should you. In the meantime, you can download the tunes on bandcamp for however-much-money-you-want.

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