Thursday, 1 May 2014

Review: The Record - A Verdict Wouldn't Matter

Hailing from Raleigh, NC, The Record are an alternative rock band, and quite a prolific one at that, having released four records in the last as many years. A Verdict Wouldn't Matter is their latest.

Kicking off with the straight-up pop rock of Keep Your Head Up, it's obvious The Record are made up of solidly talented musicians and the song sets a nice preceding tone. A self-produced record, everything also sounds impressively lovely. The powerpoppy I Saw Fireworks introduces a different lead vocalist (I assume it's not the same guy, unless he's an actual chameleon) and a dramatic but pleasing change in style and timbre that suits the song to a tee. The tempo lulls slightly with the soulful Good God Maria, a tune the Black Crowes would be proud of, before Oh Caroline furnishes the EP with its best hook. It was almost my favourite song on A Verdict..., but the ethereal Come Back To Earth had to take that crown. A beautifully dynamic and well executed song.

While some of the tunes aren't as instantly memorable as others, The Record are a strikingly versatile band that come in an shiny, professional package. Hard to dislike. I like.

A Verdict Wouldn't Matter can be yours for barely-any-money on bandcamp.

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