Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Review: Trained By Aliens - Trained By Aliens EP

Introducing Trained By Aliens, a pop punk band from Kingston, Ontario.

With bands like Green Day, Teenage Bottlerocket, and NOFX cited as their influences, Trained By Aliens take a big cue from the when-pop-punk-was-good era. Opening with the melodic Never Better, the meaty guitar tones are immediately appealing, recalling Sum 41, and the addition of solos demonstrating some decent chops is a nice surprise.

The songs, while structured predictably throughout, are well written and fit the bittersweet pop punk bill perfectly. Better Than Okay and its supercatchy chorus hook is probably my favourite so far, with Like You, an energetic, fuck-you, ode to individuality, being a close second. Performance-wise, the band fuse nicely, and while the vocals aren't always perfectly in tune, anyone who really cares about that is probably missing the point.

A great way to get your pop punk fix.

The Trained By Aliens EP can be downloaded for free (free!) on bandcamp.

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