Friday, 6 June 2014

Friday Thing: Tycho - Awake

Every now and then I like to break from the usual pop/rock/punk theme of Friday Things and throw in something almost completely different. I also like to stay true to the theme of Stuff-I've-been-listening-to-the-previous-week. With that in mind, here's Tycho, brainchild of producer Scott Hansen.

I don't listen to loads of instrumental music, but when I do it seems to serve a different purpose to other stuff; background music while reading, doing monotonous tasks, falling asleep, Things like that. When I found myself putting Tycho to these tasks I discovered that his stuff is almost too engaging to work in that way. These tracks create a mesmerising atmosphere that can cause me to stop whatever I'm doing and get lost in.

I dunno, it just sounds good.

Released in March, Awake is his latest album. Be sure to check out the equally lovely Dive from 2011 as well, also available on bandcamp.

IYOLTOS: L (or whatever, really).

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