Thursday, 12 June 2014

Review: Dot 22 - Bottle Rocket Romance

Today's review features Atlanta, GA based three-piece pop rock band Dot 22. Released in February this year, Bottle Rocket Romance is their second EP.

Easing us in, the crescendo of Lighter slips seamlessly into Skip A Beat (Everything's Alright), a brilliantly infectious tune that kicks the EP off on a nice poppy foot. The songs are all strongly structured and, while shades of pop punk are within earshot throughout, a lot of versatility is on show; Poison's Matt Freeman bass line and ska chord chopping hint at Rancid, before unashamedly moving into cheesy 90's pop rock territory with This Is Love, a tune The Calling would have probably killed for. To their credit, the band sound equally comfortable at both ends of this spectrum.

The professional production values caught my ear right away, and the shiny, polished sound really compliments the band's tight performances. I'd really like to hear Vivian's harmonies cut though the mix a little better though. There's a great dynamic between the male/female harmony vocals and it should be made a bigger feature. I'm a sucker for that sound.

Highlights include the sentimental Sentimental and EP closer Heavy, which demonstrates all Dot 22's best bits and is a good if-you-only-listen-to-one-song candidate.

A great pop rock EP that can be yours for five measly dollars (three minuscule pounds) on bandcamp. 

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