Thursday, 5 June 2014

Review: Petrol Girls - Petrol Girls EP

Hailing from SE London, here's Petrol Girls with an EP released in March this year. 

Kicking off with Restless, probably the most consistently noisy track on the EP, the band's raw energy and dirty guitar riffs hooked me right away. Not to set too sticky a precedent, System showed nice contrast by introducing a pop-tinged verse before seamlessly sliding back into heavier territory. Dissonance and melody cross paths again in Disgrace, which closes the EP in a wonderfully dynamic fashion.

The tunes are well recorded and performed, and the band really pull off the sometimes arduous task of writing musically interesting arrangements that are still immediately listenable. 

A forcible hardcore EP, well worth adding to your collection. 

You can name your price for the EP, or buy the 7", on bandcamp.

Buy It!


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