Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Review: The Shows - Girl Exploded EP

The Shows are a three-piece hailing from Bellingham, WA. Their Girl Exploded EP first surfaced last year, but has recently been self-released by the band on tape.

The relatively tame indie pop twanging that Sky Wants Bird opens with soon gives way to a brilliantly raw noisy pop slap-in-the-face that gives a better indication of the bands comfort zone. The juxtaposition of sweet melodies and dirty guitars was the big hook for me, and while songs like Faulty and Doldrums are on the nastier, riffier side of the spectrum, a good deal of pop sensibility is still retained. Meet Cute mixes a healthy dose of rock 'n' roll into its soup, and the fuzzy octaver riffs of Girl-Brain ensures the EP doesn't end with a whimper.

The whole package sounds incredibly organic and the lo-fi production is perfectly suited to the band's style. I imagined the songs would translate really well to a live setting, and my suspicion was confirmed upon hearing the live recording that's included on the B-side of the tape (and can be downloaded here).

The EP can be downloaded completely free on bandcamp, and the hand-dubbed, hand-stencilled, limited edition tape can be ordered for a measly $5 (£3).

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