Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Review: Lincoln James - Paint Swatches EP

Lincoln James is a songwriter from Cincinnati, OH. Featuring a brand of largely acoustic-based pop punk, Paint Swatches was released on April 1st this year.

Despite proclaiming himself "more lyrical than musical" in 03/23/14 ("I guess that's another way to say I'm shit at math") Lincoln shows a great knack for melody throughout the EP too and throws an absolute bunch of hooks into his songs. The arrangements smack of DIY in the best possible way and the always-changing instrumentation in songs like Michael Cera/Richard Gere and the title track keep things good 'n' dynamic. There's loads of competent guitar playing on show and his voice is endearing as fuck.

I think more people should take a break halfway through their records just to talk to the listener for a minute. That was nice.

A good bet for fans of genuine lyrics soaked in well written tunes. Buy it for any-amount-of-money-you-like on bandcamp.

Buy It!

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