Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Review: Sleeper Street - Nothing​.​is​.​Left.

Say hello to Sleeper Street, a three-piece punk band hailing from Houston, TX. They released their Nothing.​is​.​Left. EP back in 2012.

Characterised from the start with competent performances, no-nonsense pop punk songwriting, and crunchy dropped-tuned guitar noise, this stuff is far from a chore to listen to. The first three tracks maintain a nice pace before dynamic colour shifts with the darkly acoustic DEAD WRONG, effectively using the short EP format to demonstrate some versatility in their sound. The record closes with March of Flames, a song I liked, but it was a little abrupt and not quite as triumphant a finish as I'd have liked; maybe leaving me jonesing for more at the end was the point though.

It's almost too easy to compare Sleeper Street to Alkaline Trio, but I think this mostly stems from the Dan Andriano vibe the lead vocals convey. Whatever the reason, it's a compliment.

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