Friday, 5 September 2014

Friday Thing: The Starjets - God Bless the Starjets

Make It A Thing The Blog™ is almost a year old, so in celebration I thought I'd feature one of the bands that originally prompted the Friday Thing concept on Twitter.

The Starjets were a punk rock band from Belfast, Northern Ireland, active in the late 70s. In contrast with tuneless Belfast punx of the time, they happily weren't afraid to add some harmonies and bubblegum to their sound.

Along with a handful of singles, God Bless The Starjets came out in 1979 and was unfairly a commercial flop. While some of the lyrics are a tiny bit godawful (lookin' at you School Days) the tunes are invariably ultrahooky and the arrangements have just the right amount of careful crafting.

Most of the CD pressings you'll find these days include the few recordings released in 1980, up to and including the time they changed their name to Tango Brigade (why even would you?) before splitting up for good. Most essential of these is the single Shiraleo, a powerhouse of powerpop demonstrating how one word can be all that's needed for a perfect chorus.

Being from NI, I was a little saddened at how long I went without knowing a thing about these guys. A criminally forgotten set of tunes, and a criminally forgotten band every inch as good as the Undertones.

God Bless the Starjets.

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