Friday, 31 October 2014

Friday Thing: Evil Arrows - EP 4

This week's Thing comes from New York pop fiend Bryan Scary* and his Evil Arrows. EP 4 is (you guessed it) forth in a series of EPs, to eventually total 6 before a full-length release comes out next year.

Each song is a veritable soup of every great thing to come with a powerpop label attached. The skilfully crafted tunes are punctuated with the occasional spurt of spacey psychedelia, while the considered arrangements and their varied instrumentation provide a totally gratifying backdrop.

EP4, along with the others in the series, can be had for five bucks on bandcamp.

IYOLTOS: Staring Into Space

Buy It!

*I actually hadn't planned for Mr. Scary to be featured on Halloween. Happy accident.

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