Friday, 10 October 2014

Friday Thing: Readymade Breakup - Readymade Breakup

From way back in 2010, this week's Thing comes from New Jersey powerpoppers Readymade Breakup and their eponymous self-titled album of the same name (Readymade Breakup).

A joy to listen to from top to bottom, I regret only finding out about these guys earlier this week. The songs are super accessible and I've enjoyed my many subsequent listens as much as the first. 

Some punkier pop undertones are engrained within the tunes, but these are polished to a sheen largely due to the skilful vocals of singer Paul Rosevear. The lyrics are simple, as are the arrangements, but the delivery is flawless in both cases.

Their bandcamp also has two more albums and a single to get acquainted with. Yey. 


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