Friday, 21 November 2014

Friday Thing: Not Tonight & The Headaches - Reasons To Smile

Thanks to a bit of bandcamp browsing serendipity, this week's Thing comes from Grimsby punk rockers Not Tonight and the Headaches and their brand new single Reasons To Smile. The song is taken from their upcoming second album If You Were Real You'd Do Your Own Stunts which will follow in Spring 2015.

Admittedly I was first drawn to these guys by their excellent name and even better cover art. I was glad to find out the song matches up. Channelling the best of '90s pop punk, Reasons To Smile had me singing along on my first listen and the simple, sweet sentiment really hits the spot. Solid performances and meaty production all contribute to a totally lovable single.

The acoustic b-side, continuing the franticly bittersweet theme, cements the quality of Not Tonight...'s songwriting and I can't wait to check out their other stuff. The single, along with their first album (Love​.​.​. And Other Weapons of Mass Destruction) and two EPs, are all available on bandcamp. Go, go, go.

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