Friday, 14 November 2014

Friday Thing: Role Models - Lost In The City

Rich Rags, frontman of London powerpop punk band Role Models, last week announced the band will be heading into the studio to record their first full length album. Having fallen in love with their past work (check out the first EP, Fuck You, See You At The Talent Show) I'm dead excited about this and thought this Friday would be a nice time to revisit a Thing the band brought out earlier in the year.

I'm hesitant to call Lost In The City a single, because to call Suffocate and Saturday Night b-sides feels like doing them a disservice. Not departing from the sound established on the first EP, the songs are typically energetic, wonderfully melodic, and bitterly sweet. My favourite sort of noise.

The three tunes, as well as everything else Role Models have released, can be downloaded completely free on bandcamp. Go on. You deserve it.

IYOLTOS: Saturday Night

Get It!

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