Friday, 27 March 2015

Friday Thing: R51 - Pillow Talk

This week's Thing sees the return of Belfast's own R51. I discovered these guys way back in May 2014, reviewing their single Slowhound. Less than a year later, I'm really pleased to be featuring their first EP Pillow Talk, not out of a sense of local pride, but because it's Really Fucking Good.

The EP was released on Wednesday and I'm still kicking myself that I couldn't make it to the launch, particularly because these recordings are testament to how good a live band R51 are; I Hate That Too, Pillow Talk and Modern Age were all recorded live in the studio. For what it's worth, they're also my three favourite songs on the record.

Look at them there. 

Gorgeously melodic, heavy,'s all the adjectives really. At the core of every track is a brilliantly simple pop song, but after being dipped in thick distortion and electronic noise the sound becomes completely satisfying. The live tracks capture an energy that can't be replicated, and where there are slight imperfections in the performances they only serve to add character.

R51 are a band that keep getting better, and if this EP is anything to go by I'm genuinely excited for the hopefully imminent full-length release.

Go buy it.

IYOLTOS: Pillow Talk

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