Friday, 16 October 2015

Friday Thing: Best Kissers in the World - Been There

Here's a Thing from way back in 1993 by Seattle's Best Kissers in the World. Been There was their first of two full-length studio albums.

I first became aware of these guys only a week or so back when their name caught my eye on the tracklist of Beach Slang's upcoming covers EP (out on 17/10) and after hearing a few songs on YouTube I needed more. Been There is, happily, a purely distilled product of its time. Full of glorious hooky pop punctuated with tight riffs, there's nothing that disappoints. 

Given that this album is impossible to find online, I've been very naughty and uploaded it here. If anyone gives a shit about this please let me know. Regardless, it's really cheap on eBay and I'd encourage you to add it to your collection.

IYOLTOS: Goddamn

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