Sunday, 7 January 2018

MIAT Mixtape #1

Time I start doing Things again.

I swear the two year radio silence wasn’t intentional, but I should have known nothing would happen once I broke off my regular schedule. I’ve been itching to start posting again for a while, and I’ve just got myself a shiny new laptop (a cheap Chromebook that looks unlawfully like a MacBook Air) so I’ve got nothing in my way now.

I like making Spotify playlists so I’m going to do that periodically in the form of the MIAT Mixtape series. Granted it slightly alienates those of you who don’t use Spotify, but the songs are probably going to be available on your own favourite streaming service too. 

The playlists will stick to the same general ethos the blog was originally founded on: good stuff I’ve been listening to recently. With the exception of this one, because I put it together friggin’ ages ago.

Here’s MIAT Mixtape #1. It’s very loud and full of hooks.

IYOLTOS: Deckard - Once There Was A Girl

Formed from the then-ashes of Baby Chaos, the criminally unnoticed Deckard don’t take a single misstep on 2000’s Stereodreamscene, with boundless melodic sensibility and intelligence.

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